Logical framework

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What is a logical framework?

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The logical framework approach follows a hierarchical results oriented planning structure and methodology which focuses all project planning elements on the achievement of one project purpose.

ANNEX 1: LOGICAL FRAMEWORK Expected results Indicators Means of verification Assumptions Goal: Improved food security and livelihoods of rural populations in North Sudan Outcome 1 Improved preparedness for, and effective response to, food and agricultural threats and.

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The Logical Framework Approach (LFA) was developed for the U.S.A.I.D. at the end of s, LFA has been utilized by many of the larger donor organizations for multilateral and bilateral.

Logical Framework (LogFrame) analysis

Logical Framework, Logical Framework Approach (LFA), log frame ‘Logical Framework’, or ‘logframe’, describes both a general approach to project or programme planning, monitoring and evaluation, and – in the form of a ‘logframe matrix’ – a discrete planning and monitoring tool for projects and programmes.

Logical Framework Training. InUNFPA introduced new operational guidelines which merged two central concepts and analytical tools, namely, the "programme approach" and the logical framework.

Logical framework
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